Who’s Playing


  • RA RA RUBY ft. In Eyes

    Ra Ra Ruby are an indie pop/rock band from the Gold Coast. The three piece formed in 2015 and have been blending their sound together from a mixture of respective musical backgrounds and interests to produce an upbeat atmosphere and vibrant energy for everyone to dance to that they look forward to sharing with others.

    Support Act - In Eyes
    Formed in the summer of 2014, In Eyes are a three-piece, female-fronted, alternative rock band from The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Comprised of lead vocalist Rosie Jacobson, and guitarists Luke Hildebrand and Dylan Quigg, In Eyes are heavily influenced by acts such as Tonight Alive, Hands Like Houses, Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon, and PVRIS.

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  • Don and The Mobsters & Nila Bonda

    Don and The Mobsters are back! Kned's beard is a little longer and Don's temper is a little shorter. James has been working on his bass face and they've got a brand new guitarist who they pinched from Emma Dean. Here's hoping this one sticks around! Don's ability to keep a guitarist famously rivals her ability to keep a boyfriend.

    Don and The Mobsters are teaming up with their favourite drinking buddies Nila Bonda for a big night out at Rics. (We seriously love Nila Bonda. We even let them borrow our bass player)

    Come see the same old shit transpire as well as a whole steaming bunch of new shit they have been cooking up



    with Canny and Hall +  The Fin and Kelton Show.

    Good times, good laughs, free entry!

    9PM The Fin and Kelton Show
    10PM Canny and Hall

  • Exposed Heat #9

    Exposed is back!

    Heat #9 : Toratoro 6:30pm + Mickey 7:15pm + Chesterfield 8pm + Common Dears 8:45pm + The Bent Bullets 9:30pm + Subatomic Cookie Bandits 10:15pm

    Voting process: 60% Judges and 40% patron vote.

    Judges vote on the band's...
    Presentation & Image, Originality & Diversity of Songs, Musicianship & Technical Ability, Vocal Quality & Crowd Interaction/Stage Presence.

    Each drink purchased is a chance to vote for who you think shall go on to the semi finals.

  • Dead Hand Blues & Box Falcon

    A night of Blues Rockin music at Ric's Bar. Dead Hand Blues and Box Falcon's first gig as a 4 piece band! Free entry!

    Box Falcon - 9pm

    Dead Hand Blues - 10 pm

    See you there!

  • TOWN + Candybomber

    With 17 Years under his belt as a pianist, vocalist and musician,
    Ant Syms and his band TOWN have been hard at work writing,
    playing and creating music that hopes to deliver a punch to the Alternative folk / rock soundscape.

    With bassist Mark Davies and drummer Richard Graves,
    TOWN draw influence from a diverse blend of punk, rock, jazz, blues and soul.

    Led by by piano and vocals, driven by rock Drums and grounded by double bass and bow, The music is Defined by a unique mix of heart felt tributes, waltzy ballads, boot stomping rock and slow building moody tension.

    The sounds evoke imagery of dark alley ways and howling dogs,
    broken bottles and hearts, battles lost and things found.
    Where roads cross and paths meet, where the lights are dim and Whiskey is your Sin. Welcome to TOWN.

    Brissy band Candybomber will be opening up the night!

    Formed in Brisbane in early 2015, Candybomber is an unashamedly nostalgic indiepop band consisting of Stewart (guitar), Anthony (drums), Matt (vocals), Fasel (guitar) and Warren (bass).

    From 1992 through to 2013, Stewart released a number of records as The Kensingtons on labels in the US, UK, France and Germany. He is now bringing his love of all things indiepop to Australia with Candybomber.

    Influenced by The Wedding Present, Jesus & Mary Chain, Teenage Fanclub, The Darling Buds and The Primitives, Candybomber’s sound combines infectious melody with chainsaw guitars and jangling loveliness.

    Candybomber - 9pm
    TWON - 10pm

  • I Said Slag Off! - Whiskey & Speed, NIL & Hang live at Rics Bar

    Punx, rockers, metalheads, grungers, hipsters, club rats, suits...we don't care who you are or what you like, come and check your rock n' roll fix!

    A hell of a show is coming to Rics Bar on April 28!

    After miraculously still being allowed to enter the venue, Whiskey & Speedreturn to bring there grungy punk groove and maniacal stage show back to this Valley staple...first few rows may get wet.

    Joining the infamously sexy W&S are No Intelligent Life - N.I.L, while they may not be intelligent there music kicks some serious arse. A melodic mix of Black Sabbath and Nirvana with a very Mudhoney type vibe. These lads are balls to the wall, you know, be careful around the walls so you don't hit 'em in the balls.

    Opening the night are solo folk punk act Hang - Brisbane's answer to Johnny Hobo (he'll either blush or punch me for saying that). Socially and politically charged music, this bloke while suck you in and hit you with some truths...and is certain to piss off any One Nation supporting idiot in earshot. They say never trust a man who plays guitar, so keep that in mind.

    This show is near guarenteed to sell out with the low, low entry price of free.

    Links to the bands pages are up, they all have some music out so get listening and come party at this killer night of rock n' roll and many, many beers!

    Doors at 8pm
    FREE entry

  • Steve P

    Mostly-originals night. Tuesday night in the Valley!!

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