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  • Goodreamsagain - 'IO' Album Launch

    Saturday 26th May - Goodreamsagain & Alister Bartholemew LIVE!
    'IO' Vinyl Album Launch

    IO - Io (mythology), daughter of Inachus in Greek mythology, and lover of Zeus who was turned into a cow

    Io (moon), a moon of Jupiter is the innermost of the four Galilean moons of the planet Jupiter. It is the fourth-largest moon, has the highest density of all the moons, and has the least amount of water of any known astronomical object in the Solar System.

    IO - I/O input output, two ways through a system, computerised or otherwise

    IO - could be interchanged for 10, the basis of the entire decimal numeracy, or 1/0, the two states of a binary switch

    IO - the sixth full length album from Goodreamsagain, bringing dance elements to the fore, with nods to dub-reggae, hiphop and blues.. this one will be on limited release vinyl

    And is being launched at Ric's Bar in the Brunswick St Mall in Fortitude Valley on Sat 26th May. Come to witnesses the songs being performed live by Rob and crew, stay for the special priced vinyl and delectable drinks from behind the bar

  • May the 4th Be with you Star Wars Party!

    After our "May the 4th Be With You" party was such a hit last year, we're going to do it all again!

    In a galaxy not too far away, RG's, Rics Bar & Brunswick And Ann have partnered up for the biggest Star Wars party this side of Tatooine.

    Roaming Star Wars characters, free photo booth, Star Wars themed cocktails, prizes for best dressed, live music, giveaways and more!

    More details to be announced.

    Lock the date in and feel the force!

    Disclaimer: All welcome with the exception of Jar Jar Binks

  • Pig Mouth with special guests

    new songs and some special guests.

    This will be a free event, more info to follow shortly....

  • MadMike & Junior Finau

    MadMike & Junior Finau are bringing musical fire to Rics Bar. Known for Rapping, Singing, Hosting, and Entertaining audiences of all genres and ages.
    Now you get to see them bring a whole set each, full of original or covered material both classic and brand new.
    With a few collaborative songs up their sleeve as well, this is gonna be a PERFOMANCE YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!!!!

  • Cecilia Brandolini

    Cecilia Brandolini will be making her way to Rics Bar, Brisbane (QLD) for a show this April.

    Set times

    Cecilia Brandolini:
    Honing her technical proficiency on the piano, percussion, stomp, and vocals and developing a unique sound from such a young age, this one-woman act draws on numerous styles in order to create rhythmic and emotional art that is as evocative as it is catchy, as intimate as it is challenging.

    With her breathtaking voice reminiscent of Kate Miller-Heidke, piano talents that bring to mind Regina Spektor, and a songwriting touch that harks to none other than the great Joni Mitchell, Cecilia Brandolini is a talent impossible to ignore.

    "Cecilia Brandolini is a rare and realised talent, whose songwriting, production and vocal maturity belie her age. This track is full of the kind of exciting creative sensibility that will have us watching Cecilia and her trajectory with our necks craned for years to come."
    ~Mama Kin

  • Scribble Slam: EJ Zyla VS Bao Ho (BSAF Launch)

    Be prepared for the long-awaited revival of Scribble Slam! The live art battle where street artists lock horns going head-to-head in the paint off of the month (yeah, we’re back monthly!).

    The first battle will kick off at the Brisbane Street Art Festival launch party which is happening at everyone’s old favourite stomping ground and our new home, Ric’s.

    Shani Finch will be MCing all the minute-to-minute details of the grueling battle between artists EJ Zyla and Bao Ho.
    Each event showcases two artists battling against each other, working to a 90 minute time limit, and each creating their own artwork on a 2.4m x 2.4m wall.
    The two artists involved are able to use whichever medium they like to create an artwork. Both artists will be completely unaware of what they will be painting until the countdown timer is started. The element of the ‘unknown’ lends Scribble Slam a sense of intensity and intrigue that draws a diverse crowd of art aficionados.

    Be there for 6pm to ensure you see the battle right from the moment the buzzer goes off!

    Launch Party starts from 5pm.


    Supported by Rics Bar, Captain Morgan, Ironlak, Coopers, Brisbane Street Art and Vast Yonder

  • Whisky Grinn // The Cassowarys

    Whisky Grinn are coming to Rics Bar, and they are bringing along their mates - the Cassowarys.

    It'll be FREE entry
    It'll start at 9
    And you better be there
    18+ [Bring I.D]

  • Lucas on Tour

    It’s going to be one chillin' Monday night with great vibes and mellow music. Come along and grab a cold brew as you enjoy the night in a Hawaii shirt.

    8:30pm – Alex Jon
    9:30pm – Lucas on Tour

    Stay Mellow Records

  • I Said Slag Off! - Whiskey & Speed, NIL & Hang live at Rics Bar

    Punx, rockers, metalheads, grungers, hipsters, club rats, suits...we don't care who you are or what you like, come and check your rock n' roll fix!

    A hell of a show is coming to Rics Bar on April 28!

    After miraculously still being allowed to enter the venue, Whiskey & Speedreturn to bring there grungy punk groove and maniacal stage show back to this Valley staple...first few rows may get wet.

    Joining the infamously sexy W&S are No Intelligent Life - N.I.L, while they may not be intelligent there music kicks some serious arse. A melodic mix of Black Sabbath and Nirvana with a very Mudhoney type vibe. These lads are balls to the wall, you know, be careful around the walls so you don't hit 'em in the balls.

    Opening the night are solo folk punk act Hang - Brisbane's answer to Johnny Hobo (he'll either blush or punch me for saying that). Socially and politically charged music, this bloke while suck you in and hit you with some truths...and is certain to piss off any One Nation supporting idiot in earshot. They say never trust a man who plays guitar, so keep that in mind.

    This show is near guarenteed to sell out with the low, low entry price of free.

    Links to the bands pages are up, they all have some music out so get listening and come party at this killer night of rock n' roll and many, many beers!

    Doors at 8pm
    FREE entry

  • Steve P

    Mostly-originals night. Tuesday night in the Valley!!

    Facebook Event Page: